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  • Neodymium Spheres to Make Strong Magnets

    Due to their magnetic properties Neodymium sphere magnets may be utilized in lieu of regular magnets. They’re very similar to magnet wires, but they are constructed of neodymium instead of magnetized steel. They are more durable than conventional magnets and have more energy due to the movement of the atoms inside their atoms. Neodymium magnetics are usually sold […]

  • Which Science Toys Are Best For Your Child?

    With the way that science toys have grown over the years, it’s not surprising that more children are enjoying the advantages of playing with the most current in toys. From toys that educate physical action and movement to educational toys that educate children about the world and nature, it looks like science toys are becoming […]

  • Pharoh Phluid Or Fero Fluid

    What is Fero Fluid? Ferro fluid, sometimes called magnetic liquid, is a strange liquid that’s attracted to the poles of a magnet. It’s made of tiny particles of a magnetic material suspended in a liquid, and is coated with a surfactant that keeps the particles from clumping together. Originally, NASA invented it in 1963 as […]